Welcome to the Nigerian website of Pro Pac ® Super premium pet food.

Pro Pac ® is a top of the range quality, complete and balanced super premium range manufactured by Midwestern Pet food Inc, with head office in the state of Indiana, U.S.A. with over 25years of impeccable record of quality and high unsurpased standard, manufacturing from three state of the art facility in Evansville Indiana, Monmouth Illinois and Chickasha Oklahoma.

Monmouth Production Facility

Manufacturing Facility, Monmouth, Illinois

Midwestern pet food, manufacturers of Pro Pac ® also manufactures and owns the Earthborn Holistic ® and Sportmix Wholesomes™ brands of pet food, all highly rated worldwide.

Pro Pac ® pet food is sold in over 75 countries around the world and we at Opedot Enterprises Nigeria, sole distributors of the Pro Pac ®, Earthborn ® and Sportmix Wholesomes ™ range of pet food are happy to bring to you these top class brands.

Pro Pac ®, Sportmix Wholesomes ™ and Earthborn Holistic ® pet food are formulated using the highest quality ingredients, free of by-products, all naturally preserved with chelated minerals and produced under the highest production standards and quality control. A standard of quality and control that has been referred to as a bench mark in the industry and earned the brand 4 and 5 star ratings by experts and analysts alike.

With Pro Pac ®, Sportmix Wholesomes™ and Eartborn Holistic ®, there is absolutely no need to supplement.
With Pro Pac ®, Sportmix Wholesomes™ and Earthborn Holistic ® pet food, you can be assured that your companion pet is getting all of his or her nutritional needs adequately fulfilled.